RADIO HEALTH PEARL #454 …brought to you by the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center.

If starting out your New Year includes a resolution to improve your overall health, then look into adding some dietary supplements to your lifestyle.

A simple, but OH-SO important one is the mineral MAGNESIUM. Inexpensive, but packed with a lot of punch, it is involved in many daily functions:

  • MAGNESIUM is necessary for pulling your dietary calcium from your gut into the bloodstream.
  • MAGNESIUM strengthens the heart muscle, which is important for all who have heart problems; and it helps with regulating our blood pressure.
  • MAGNESIUM is an overall muscle relaxer. Any tightness in your back, shoulders, hips, calves and legs is helped with this mineral.
  • And, MAGNESIUM is responsible for activating more than 400 enzyme functions in the body; these include both digestive- and systemic enzymes.

Taking about 600 mg daily of good-quality MAGNESIUM should be doable for most people.

We have a very nice selection of different available options for you at …the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, at 2855 North 19th Avenue.

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