July 15th, 2013


Are you one of those people who have intestinal challenges, such as bloating, cramping, or feeling gassy?

And are you MORE TIRED since you have experienced gut issues?

Have these symptoms been lingering for a short time, or have you felt a lot better TWO, FIVE, or TEN years ago?…

You may feel that LIFE is zapped away from you… And you know what? You could be right!

Over the years LIVE bacteria in your intestines might have been zapped away, destroyed or severely diminished. A low-quality diet, short or chronic illness, anti-biotic therapies, other medications, or radiation are often contributing factors to your demise.

There are ways, though, to restore intestinal health.

Eating fermented foods, using high quality fibers to scrub the walls and clean the pockets, specific intestinal herbs to help repair peristalsis, and high-quality PRO-Biotics to restore LIFE back into the intestines. These will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated again, and they will also help to strengthen your immune system.

Come on in and try any of our intestinal support products …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, on North 19th Avenue.



July 8th, 2013


Good Day to you! This is Jacobus at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center.

When it comes to digestive enzymes, it is not simple for all.

Some say they have no need for them, because they don’t experience acid reflux, gas or bloating.

There is, however, much more to it than that, because the whole purpose of digesting food is to get it into our bodies’ cells. So, even if your stomach doesn’t react in a negative way when you are eating that doesn’t mean your food is actually properly digested.

Most of us do NOT eat simple food anymore. Our meals, and its combination of ingredients have become more complex, less nutritious, and are stripped of naturally occurring enzymes.

As an experiment I suggest you try different types of enzymes for a month or so each, and then switch-it-up, just to see where YOUR needs are. For example:

  • Follow that up with a month of straight HYDROCHLORIC ACID capsules.
  • And then do a month of straight PANCREATIC ENZYMES, to support the digestive area between the stomach and the small intestines.

And to digest all this information, come check our selection …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, on North 19th Avenue.



July 1st, 2013


Digestive disorders are a big health issue in today’s society.

And both prescription-drugs and over-the-counter medication are consumed in large quantities.

Every day, at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, customers express discomfort after meals, or even in the middle of the night.

ARE YOU suffering from bloating, acid reflux or heartburn?

HOW ABOUT bouts of diarrhea, gas, constipation or intestinal cramping?

It seems easy to grab some medications to relieve symptoms, but I suggest that you look into natural remedies that address the actual problem and manage your personal situation, or that alleviate the symptoms … FOR GOOD!

If you have problems within about one-hour after you eat, look into some DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

If they happen after about two hours, I would suggest you look into some high quality PROBIOTICS.

Some companies make excellent enzymes; others have wonderful probiotics. My suggestion is that you try some in a small bottle and give them a good try. This way, if they’re DON’T improve your situation, try something else.

Let us help you, if you don’t know where to start …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, on North 19th Avenue.